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My workspace, designed for me

and by me, is my favorite spot in

the Hughes house. Colorful

stained glass butterflies and

birds hang in open windows.

Crystals catch the sun and

paint rainbows on every

surface. Christmas tree

lights enhance the cozy

artist’s environment that

helps my creative spirit create.

On the walls are pictures  of my

kids, my husband, my life in the

theatre, and treasures from our

trips to Santa Fe and

Taos.  My desk and work area

not only hold the watercolor

pencils used for illustrations

but strands of jewels waiting

for me to make them into

beautiful necklaces. Color is

such an important part of my


Shelves on every wall hold containers of jewelry findings, folders of manuscript research, and filing notebooks for my original illustrations. The crowded shelves tell the story of a dream come true, writing books for children and creating precious gem necklaces for my friends.

On one of many research trips to Coolhorse, I spotted a Breyer horse that looked exactly like Shiloh, the black and white spotted rump boss mare in Two for the Herd.  If you know me, you know that I immediately wanted to purchase that collectible horse and work an entire wall around it.  This was not the day I could do that.


As weeks passed, it was time for Christmas, and our son Kris, and his wife, Julie couldn’t be here because of the pandemic.  It was a lonesome morning, but Wayne and I had breakfast and tried to make the best of it.  It was time to open presents.  I opened one from Wayne and it was the Breyer horse, Shiloh.  My whole day turned around and plans for a full wall came into my mind’s eye.  I opened present two, and lo and behold, it was a beautifully designed iron piece that said Cardwell 2020. Wayne had created that wall for me.  

The picture to the right shows you the finished product of my pandemic Christmas and December 28th birthday.  Each one of the herd members is represented with a Breyer horse.  The published books are prominently displayed becoming part of my Cardwell wall. 


Other books will occupy space in this room.  My life as a figure skater, and a person of the theatre, will be explored and documented. Those stories are stored in my brain and will be opened when the Cardwell Stories are complete.  I look forward to what life has in store for me.
five horses on fence.png

"A great horse will change your life. A truly splecial one will define it."

                                                                                            Author unknown

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